Dolcenera (Fabrizio De André song perfomed by BandAxé)

…like an old book buried in the sand…

Digital VS physical archive management

Two videos I came across this morning makes kind of an interesting contrast.

Neal Stimier, Reforming The Museum Through Social Media

Inside the New York Times ‘Lively Morgue’

Interdisciplinarity according to HASTAC: “collaboration by difference”

Interdisciplinarity according to HASTAC: “collaboration by difference”

Collaboration by difference  : The reason we began as a collaboratory across the sciences, humanities, arts, and social sciences is we were all committed to the idea that, if you really want innovation, you need to design a project from the start with experts in many fields, non-experts, end-users, and even random cantankerous folks who are willing to speak up about what is or isn’t working.

Facebook: The Novel(s)?

This week Le Monde des Livres, Friday literary supplement of the French newspaper Le Monde, published an article on Facebook as a potential storytelling device (Facebook, machine textuelle), trying to answer the question: “Facebook renews fiction and literary writing? What remains of the virtual, of the web in the printed novels?”. Apparently the opportunities for renewing the old art of storytelling are there: Read more ›

Be vulnerable, not weak

Brené Brown Be vulnerable, not weak  “Brown, who is also the author of The Gifts of Imperfection, wants to spread the message that vulnerability is a sign of courage, not weakness – and that empathy is the antidote to shame.” (from TED 2012: 10 innovations that could help shape a better world)

Imaginary Europes


The symposium entitled “Imaginary Europe” considers literature that constructs imaginary versions of Europe or individual European countries from afar. In the course of the C20th and C21st the idea of Europe has lodged in the imagination of authors across the globe, inspiring some and challenging others. Writers have produced new literary topographies that present Europe beyond the imagery handed down via missionary narratives, travel literature or European classics.

The examination of literary representations of Europe provides a field of study that remains under-explored and significant in its multiplicities of possible critical approaches. In recent criticism approaches have been made to explore the literary representation of migrant experience within Europe, such as Turkish-German, African-Dutch, Franco-Maghreb, Eastern European British, while little attention has been given to constructions of the various imaginary visions of what Europe may be from both within and without. […]

Call For Papers from Netherlands Research School for Literary Studies (OSL)


Cork at sunset (Forget Dublin)

While walking around in Cork tonight, I took some picture with my Ipad. Nothing to do with DH (apart from the fact that I used an Ipad, of course) but I thought I might share some. The full bunch of it is in my Flickr account.


South Mall, Cork, Ireland


Sullivan's Quay, Cork, Ireland


South Mall, Cork, Ireland


Sullivan's Quay, Cork, Ireland