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Non c’è niente da negoziare con i fascisti (Charb)

Charb,  direttore di Charlie Hebdo, una delle vittime dell’attentato di ieri, aveva scritto il 15 ottobre 2012: Peins un Mahomet glorieux, tu meurs. Dessine un Mahomet rigolo, tu meurs. Gribouille un Mahomet ignoble, tu meurs. Réalise un film de merde

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Blog on hold

While I am working on my new academic blog, Books are falling apart, I will have to put this one on hold until I figure out what is going to happen to it. I am hoping that I will be

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La forza della vulnerabilità

Brené Brown Sii vulnerabile, non debole Brené Brown studia i rapporti umani — la nostra capacità  di immedesimarci, appartenere, amare. In un discorso intenso e divertente a TEDxHuston, condivide una visione profonda della sua ricerca, visione che l’ha portata ad

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Morning readings

I have been away from this blog for quite a long time, busy in a lot of other things. I will start again today with a first attempt for a diary. In the morning, before starting the real work, I

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A good start?

Today is going to be another long, very busy day. Here are some things to get it started. “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.” ~ Chinese Proverb #quotes — Zen and

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A few interesting thing will happen soon enough in the DH world (also check the calendar on the right): THATCamp Games , a 3-days event starting Friday 19, has some very interesting session proposals. It looks like a very exciting,

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A week in Florence

This will be my schedule for next week in Florence 10 December Framing the Digital Curation Curriculum: a DigCurV Workshop The workshop will inform the development of a Curriculum Framework for Digital Curation. Working within three key areas, we discuss

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Be vulnerable, not weak

Brené Brown Be vulnerable, not weak Brown, who is also the author of The Gifts of Imperfection, wants to spread the message that vulnerability is a sign of courage, not weakness – and that empathy is the antidote to shame.

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Digital VS physical archive management

Two videos I came across this morning makes kind of an interesting contrast: Neal Stimier, Reforming The Museum Through Social Media Inside the New York Times ‘Lively Morgue’   Sorry I was not able to embed the videos.

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Facebook: The Novel(s)?

This week Le Monde des Livres, Friday literary supplement of the French newspaper Le Monde, published an article on Facebook as a potential storytelling device (Facebook, machine textuelle), trying to answer the question: “Facebook renews fiction and literary writing? What

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