A week in Florence

This will be my schedule for next week in Florence

10 December

Framing the Digital Curation Curriculum: a DigCurV Workshop

The workshop will inform the development of a Curriculum Framework for Digital Curation. Working within three key areas, we discuss the design of the curriculum from the perspective of the Executive, the Practitioner and the Manager. The workshop will feature high profile expert guest speakers from the field of digital curation, as well as the opportunity to provide feedback on the development of the Curriculum Framework.

11-12 December

Cultural Heritage online. Trusted Digital Repositories and Trusted Professional.

It is evident that Internet continues to have an impressive impact on cultural heritage and humanist communities by affecting the way they work, use, exchange and produce knowledge; new architectures and radically different paradigms arise continuously engendering a deep rethinking of traditional roles and tasks. Going digital does not mean buying some computers or designing a Web site, on the contrary it has to do with transforming the fundamental relationship that exists between the government and the single citizen, who is asked to preserve his memory in digital forms. The so called ‘dematerialization’ of all the knowledge and services is posing a challenge for the future of the information society that we must be prepared to face.

13-14 December

First Annual Conference of Computing in the Humanities and Digital Culture Association

L’attuale fase di sviluppo dell’Associazione Informatica Umanistica e Cultura digitale rappresenta un momento cruciale. Dopo i lavori dei pionieri e dei primi sperimentatori, in Italia esiste una comunità che condivide metodi, teorie e pratiche, collabora a livello internazionale e da circa un anno si identifica ed è rappresentata dall’Associazione Informatica Umanistica e Cultura Digitale. Lo scopo del primo Convegno dell’Associazione è quello di presentare l’Informatica Umanistica e la Cultura Digitale come elemento di sviluppo della ricerca nelle discipline umanistiche in Italia.


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