Month: May 2012

Be vulnerable, not weak

Brené Brown Be vulnerable, not weak Brown, who is also the author of The Gifts of Imperfection, wants to spread the message that vulnerability is a sign of courage, not weakness – and that empathy is the antidote to shame.

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Digital VS physical archive management

Two videos I came across this morning makes kind of an interesting contrast: Neal Stimier, Reforming The Museum Through Social Media Inside the New York Times ‘Lively Morgue’   Sorry I was not able to embed the videos.

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Interdisciplinarity according to HASTAC: “collaboration by difference”

Interdisciplinarity according to HASTAC: “collaboration by difference” Collaboration by difference  : The reason we began as a collaboratory across the sciences, humanities, arts, and social sciences is we were all committed to the idea that, if you really want innovation,

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